Time Act Aircraft
12:00 Airshow Begins
12:20 Launch Skydive Cross Keys
Parachute Team
12:29 Launch Redline Airshows RV
12:30 Opening Ceremony
12:35 Skydive Cross Keys Parachute Team
flag jump w/ National Anthem
12:41 Skydive Cross Keys Patachute Team
Mass Exit Airshow
12:51 Redline Airshows Teaser RV
1:01 Mark Meredith Super Chipmunk
1:11 Blue Smoke Jet Luge
1:21 RC Modelers Demonstration RCs
1:51 Adam Messenheimer Pitts S-2C Aerobatics Pitts
2:05 NJ State Police Helicopter
Agusta AW139
2:10 NJ-ArNG SPIES Demonstration UH-60
2:20 Jason Flood S1T Pitts Aerobatics Pitts
2:35 Blue Smoke Jet Luge
2:45 Kevin Russo SNJ Aerobatics SNJ-1
3:00 Teflon Flight Team Flybys SOCATA
3:10 Paul Dougherty Demo Christen Eagle
3:25 David Windmiller Demonstration Zivko Edge 540
3:40 Redline Airshows RV
4:00 Airshow Ends

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